A doctor in your pocket 24/7

See how simply our Anytime-MD app saves time, money and brings peace of mind.

  • Talk to a live doctor, anytime
  • Get treatment, appointment, prescriptions, even house calls
  • English/Spanish; other languages through a phone interpreter
  • Now offers connection to specialists in behavioral health, weight management and women’s health issues
  • Fast and free*


When it comes to accessing care..

Quality and convenience matter.

Introducing Anytime-MD from Texas Health Aetna

Now, accessing a doctor…

Is as easy as messaging a friend.

Mary Dutton MD: Hi Kara. This is Dr. Dutton. How can I help you?

Kara Moore: Hi. I wanted to ask a question about my asthma.

Skip a trip to the doctor

And gain instant peace of mind.

Kara Moore: I’ve had mild asthma since childhood but haven’t managed it lately and it’s acting up.

Dr. Dutton: I see. How often do you have asthma symptoms? Have you used an inhaler in the past, and if so, when was the last time you filled your prescription?

Ask questions at no extra cost…

Online or from your smartphone.

Kara Moore: Over the summer I didn’t have any flare-ups, so I stopped taking my preventive inhaler. But now, I’m having symptoms a few times a week.

Dr. Dutton: OK, sounds like we should get you back on that preventive inhaler. I’ll call in a prescription for you now – what’s your go-to pharmacy?

Conversation doesn’t end

Until you have the answers you need.

Kara Moore: CVS at the corner of 1st and Broadway. Thanks, this is really helpful – and you’ve saved me an office visit!

Dr. Dutton: Happy to help. Please check back in if you have more questions or don’t improve. I’m here if you need me.

Real-time needs

Real-time care.


*Basic and Plus plans include free access to Anytime-MD. Members with qualified HSA plan pay $45 for 7 day access. Service is free when deductible has been met.